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1-3, I think most already know roughly. 4 is interesting, could you point out which page its on in the MOM reports?


I did what you mentioned, went straight into banking after graduating with an engineering degree through one of the management training programs for fresh grads. That's one possible avenue. They tend to be less judgmental on your lack of formal knowledge in the field but you'll have to prove to them your interest and aptitude/potential in financial services, as well as personality, etc etc the usual. As a fresh grad, I wouldn't worry too much about salary too (its usually dictated to you anyway, especially given your background). I would advise learning more about banking (research it yourself, talk to friends in the industry, etc, its important, not everything is about IB, FO/BO, etc), and when you get the job to just be contented. There will always be someone else doing better than you.
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