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Hey man. I'll be honest with you. I emailed them a while ago and I got the same reply as you saying that they're in final stage of processing applications. They didnt say I passed 2nd round but my friends who emailed them about 3 weeks all got the response they passed 2nd round and that they'll reach out accordingly.

From what I've heard from current interns and seniors alike is that, their process is very vague and passing the 2nd round doesn't mean anything. Their interview is behavioural, so if can pass 1st round, can also pass 2nd round ma. They offer current interns conversion first and then go to external candidates and offer based on them preference/availability. So people only hear back December/Jan. If you have better offer, I'd recommend taking it and not waiting. Also they generally have fewer commercial positions than technical(since expanding SG factory so more technical).

From NTU here, good luck to all u folks.
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