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Where did you get your basic medical degree from? (Eg MBBS/MD). What’s the process for migrating there, I read you need to be PR first before you can get a residency there after you take their medical licensing exam. How’s the life as a physician there and how’s the pay? Lastly, what made you migrate there compared to where you once were? Thanks.

Ok but that aside here are the big differences in Canada:

1) No talk about $$$$. One thing I hated in sinkieland is the $$$ talk. Especially as a private GP. You prescribe medication, the patient will ask how much? Then all the back and forth as to why you wont prescribe a better drug because they cant afford it. And also tests. HBA1c costs about $35 during my time. Patients wont pay for it. So not only do you have to convince the patient to have the test done, you have to convince them to PAY FOR IT. That's sinkieland. Not in Canada. Order the test and the province pays for it. Certain tests eg MRI are triaged by someone else eg radiologist. If they think it isn't necessary they will send you a letter saying so. Then just pass the blame to the radiologist. blood work? Just order. Of course only if the patient wants it. Many PRC patients take this as a buffet. But it is such a relief not to have the sell the monetary aspect of tests and medications. Oh with medications, I dont sell them. They go to the pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. So they haggle with the pharmacy.
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