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Where did you get your basic medical degree from? (Eg MBBS/MD). What’s the process for migrating there, I read you need to be PR first before you can get a residency there after you take their medical licensing exam. How’s the life as a physician there and how’s the pay? Lastly, what made you migrate there compared to where you once were? Thanks.
I graduated from NUS Medical School 1998. MBBS. Back before it was the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. (Aside....all the medical schools and hospitals are being named after businessmen who had nothing to do with medicine. It is sad. But that's the reality. Money talks)

You can search up "Migrate to Canada CIC" and find all the information you need. I applied for PR back in 2004. Under skilled migrant category. I got my PR in 2008 and did my landing. Family and I only moved in 2010.

I took the exams - MCCEE, MCCQE1, NAC-OSCE, MMI. Took me 2 years to finish the exams. Applied for residency at the University of Calgary. I was living in Edmonton at the time but I wasn't too keen to go back to medicine really. So I only applied to U of C because their program is the most slack. Only 1 month of hospital rotation (Internal medicine). 2 year program. So only in 1 month out of 24 is there a call schedule. Shiok right?

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