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Anyone went for the Walk in interview at the Tampines Hub career connect yesterday?

I am jobless for 8 months so I went to try the walk in interview. It was an interview for Receptionist position at polyclinics. But I have been working as an office support staff in legal industry. Totally different but the healthcare sector is also another of my interest.

The Singhealth polyclinic interviewer look at me with slight distaste and ask why I want to come for this interview. So I told her I have been working in legal industry and hope to change industry and moreover healthcare industry is also my other interested area.

She talked to me about the work as a recept in clinics and then ended up pushing me to another interviewer in the same room. She asked this interviewer whether she want me or not. Then I was told to go over to that interviewer. The interviewer skim through my resume and then asked me, 'do you even know what kind of environment you will be working in?' And the start shooting all sort of negative questions such as whether I need to take time off to take care of my aged sick parents, etc. I got a bit pissed off and told her so far I do not have such problem (if she is seeing that as a problem).

All the while, she exhibited a kind of 'I don't think you fit the bill cos this is customer service not backend office position'. I only smile smile but forgot to 'shoot' back at her that I know clearly what i am coming for.

End of the interview, she casually mention to wait for them to reply me after 2 weeks.

Then as I walked to the door to exit, I heard her sweat behind me.

What kind of **** is this. Discrimination cos I am a Jobless diploma holder ? Discrimination because I look much younger than other applicants ?

I saw a different treatment when another auntie prolly in her 50s with only PSLE went to the interview and the interviewer was in all smiles.

I thought WSG is a government initiated to help unemployed find jobs ? So discrimination is also rampant ?
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