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If you technical skillset is meh, you can consider joining and volunteer for bigger project and be a slave for 2 years to gain the experience and leave after that. After you leave, you can expect around 20-30% jump in pay if you are not yet promoted. I got around 35% pay jump after i left after 2 years.(abit more since the new job got AWS)

Workload - Project dependent, some project like heaven 10am go in 6pm go home + 2 hours lunch. Some project 9am go in 11pm go home + no time for lunch + dinner.
See Heng Suay.

If your technical skillset is slightly above average, can consider join bigger companies like accenture, workload definitely high but more recognized internationally compared to ncs and higher pay.

To me if you work 9 am to 11pm might as well go accenture chiong sua. Although it is not rare to work until 3am in accenture
work until 3am in accenture? depends on which project you are on and your scope of work. usually people dont work until 3am la please. dont tiagong until anyhow say leh.
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