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Originally Posted by Jettbenoit View Post
Just went for the ops tech B1/2020 interview

Two rounds of interviews, basically went through the standard questions like :-

Tell me more about yourself
What do you know about the position
How do you spend your time when not at work
Are you married/with kids/who is taking care
Are you prepared for shift
Leadership experiences
Proudest achievement

After first interview, was handed a slip of paper. Did not manage to see what was written on it since it was folded, therefore to be safe i followed what he said which was to hand the slip to HR. After which, HR immediately sent me into another room for the second interview. Quite short compared to the first one, questions were pretty much similar to the first round.

Once done, HR mentioned they will get back with a yes or no within 1-2 weeks.

P.S they mentioned they needed about 20-30 for the position. They hiring in batches and this is the first round. So all the best to those who are applying! Hope this helps.
The interview today was only for operations tech or was there other positions too such as process tech?
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