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Need advice.

Jobless for 7 months. No openings in my industry. I have no choice but to look at other inustries that I am also keen at.

During the 7 months, I didn't take up any Contract or temp jobs as mostly are f n b or retail. I am not interested in these industries. So I fixated only on the job openings of my industry. Went for interviews but not selected. Fast forward, now coming year end, more quiet. I recently sent my resume to try my luck in other industry. Only Recruit Express contacted me but they often only have contract or temp jobs.

I got a call from Recruit Express just now and ask if I am keen on a temp job for 3 months. I have no income for the past 7 months so I just agree to meet up with this recruiter.

My question : Should I go for this 3 months temp job in another industry? Or wait for my perm. job in my original industry? I still can survive a few months more with my savings but I really would like to have a perm job in my former industry that pays me reasonable well.

I am worried what if there were job openings in my industry which I can start immediately, but bog down by this temp job that last 3 months?

Should I take this temp job or wait.
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