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Not four mths.

Dec is usually 1 mth, 13th mrh aws
Jan is usually 1 mth, year end but depends on economy
Mar is variable coz it is individual performance. Can range from 0.5 to 3.
- more if u go work before 7am for gm, or before 6am for gs
- more if u stay back after 5pm, volunteer for calls, sat and sun rounds, presentations, grandrounds
- much less u late for work. Do sloppy work. Complain abt work life balance
July is usually 0.5mth

So min 2.5mth if you arent suspended or placed on work improvement plan, average 3mth to 4. Better ones at 5. Good ones max 6mth.
Wow doing presentations have extra pay? Didn't know that. Thanks for sharing
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