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Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, much appreciate. I will attend the interview for Operation Technician anyway. If I'm lucky enough to get the offer, then I shall wait for the salary package, to make a clear decision regarding to this.

Mr. K

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Hi Mr. K, unfortunately, those who already gotten the job has long moved on and left this forum. those who are still in this forum, from the looks of it, are those who also applied and tried to find reviews of the job and a common platform to share info on the application status.

from what I see on working in an MNCs, it is quite difficult to move internally unless the company really promote internal transfers. once you've signed to work for the said position u applied for, ur likely to stay there and climb the ladder just like everyone else.

u could either, after years of experience, apply for other OnG companies like Shell etc. or you could just directly apply as an engineer.

only if ur lucky, or if u believe in fate, if ur fated for internal transfers, then u will. otherwise, tough luck.

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