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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If you are truly good at coding (like algorithm and problem solving), you will still be able to get high paid offers without strong CS knowledge in other topics (OS, networking etc).

You have to ask yourself, what do you truly want?
I think it is still relatively easy to get >= 4k offer as a fresh graduate nowadays even if you aren't a top tier software engineer candidate.
With regards to my coding skills, problem solving is what makes me good at it. However, this makes me bad at finding the good algorithm to solve the problem since most of the time my problem solving methnd are mostly brute force. This is based on the feedback I got from doing leetcode. Although I can try and learn the "best" way to solve the problem, my preferable problem solving method is still through brute force unless I memorise the way after attempting a few similar problems. At the same time, I dont adapt to changes well, therefore I cant keep up with the constant change of technologies. This makes me think I can't be a software engineer in the long run. I'm probably only doing it for its high starting pay and my degree.

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