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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
As an alumni, here are my pure thoughts:

Software Engineer route:
- Endless job opportunities
- Extremely high pay nowadays if you can crack tough technical interviews
- GPA isn't as important, it's all about CS knowledge and whiteboard coding to get top high paid jobs
- Easier to go from technical to non-technical route, but not the other way around
- Downside is if you can't crack interviews, you can only end up in low paid companies like NCS
- I think you need passion to keep upgrading technical skills, which isn't align with what you mentioned
- Not everyone becomes a Project Manager, but senior software engineers at top tech companies can be paid as much
I think at my current level, I can only end up in low paid companies like NCS or slightly better due to my poor CS knowledge with good coding skills. Do you think it is still ok to be a software engineer, maybe comparing to other careers or stat board?

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