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Default Career Advice for a Computer Science student

I'm graduating end of this year with a NTU Computer Science second upper degree. My previous education is a Diploma in IT. I'm currently looking into my career options for my first career. During my course at the university, I realised that Computer Science is not for me despite my love for programming and being good at it while I was studying in diploma, therefore, I'm very hesitant about taking a software engineer job. Due to that, I feel that I could only manage to pass the interviews at software consultancy companies, e.g. NCS due to my poor computer science knowledge.

Based on my experience during my internship, I found that I love interacting with clients and the different aspects of project management. Should I pursue careers like a business analyst or technical consultant or should I climb the career ladder of a software engineer and be a project manager in the end. At the same time, if there are any careers and its companies (Non-software engineer role) that will suit me, do list it down. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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