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hi everyone, i just started work as a dxo recently. have been following this thread ever since i submitted my application and learned quite a bit. thought i should also contribute by sharing my personal timeline:

T+0: submitted application
T+1 week: received email from HR to attend psychometric test (test dates given are between T+3 weeks to T+5 weeks)
T+4 weeks: went for psychometric test at DTTB
T+5 weeks: informed by HR (through phone + email follow up) that i was shortlisted for interview
T+6 weeks: went for interview at DTTB (had to do some written tests before the interview)
T+8 weeks: informed by prospective RO (through phone) and subsequently HR (through phone + email follow up) to attend site preview
T+9 weeks: went for site preview (received verbal confirmation of offer from prospective RO during site preview)
T+10 weeks: received verbal offer from HR with ballpark salary + scheduling of medical examination
T+11 weeks: went for medical examination at CMPB
T+13 weeks: recieved offical offer from HR + scheduling of contract signing
T+14 weeks: went to sign contract at DTTB
Hi, may I know what kind of written test? Cybersec, IT?

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