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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am 24 y/o fresh grad just started working recently. I have 10k as emergency fund in dbs multiplier account., 2k for normal savings account (for spending). Planning to just channel 33% of my monthly pay into savings/emergency, 66% of my monthly salary into reits. Anyone thinks its a good idea?
Portfolio concept wise - ok. U should add CPF contribution as well then u can see that your portfolio is probably balanced. 50% savings / 50% REIT&Equity

I will also time the injection into REITs and equity.
There are those that say you cannot time the market. Well, but i cant stand to see losses so i only enter when i am more confident the direction is right. Otherwise, any stupid robot also can invest.
U also need to keep balancing the portfolio every 6 -12 months. ie if you did not execute any trades in 6 months due to conservative behaviour, then inject some at the 6/12 month mark and rebalance REITs with growth stock when the market is on the uptrend. Current market sentiment is very down so growth stocks are all taking a beating.

Whatever i dont inject goes into war chest that will be deployed when i view the timing is right.
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