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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It is definitely not normal considering the highest pay for a fresh grad is $3500 (if you get first class honours). Unless you get promoted every year, you only get about 3-4% increment yearly. So, 5.3k after 3.5 years is quite unlikely unless teaching isnít your first career.
3500 is more like what ladies (2nd upper or 2nd lower I think) get, without the usual 1 year contract teaching experience (e.g. if you are a returning scholar/award holder with a bachelor's degree).

If you are male with first class honours, and get C/C+ consistently, you should breeze past the 5k mark as you go into your third year of service. Otherwise maybe you need a change of environment because either your mentors/RO/school environment are not nurturing, not pushing you for career advancement, or you're not performing up to expectations.
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