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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not all companies put an emphasize on degree classification for software engineering jobs.
That's why he mentioned lower hiring bar, because most other reputable companies like google/facebook focus on technical interviewing where they grill you on tough whiteboard coding questions and technical knowledge instead of gpa.

Secondly, they are definitely not considered strong in terms of technology.
R&D means nothing, its about the company culture in building strong engineering practises. Do you see them building a scalable product used by millions of user like grab or lazada?
I really don't see the point of your reply tbh. It seems like you are trying to shine a negative light on DSO by comparing them to companies that are obviously in a different sector entirely (FAANG) or going off about commercially available product used by millions, when DSO is clearly a defence oriented organization (hint: their products are not meant to be used by millions).

FAANG expect their fresh hires to be technically skilled because they need talents who are able to fit into a high throughput / fast paced environment. Hence their emphasis on whiteboard / 'grill'-ing interviews / pet projects which showcase your technical excellence.

DSO's posture is a bit different in that aspect - although they do focus on technical skills too, the candidate must show a capacity to ingest and apply knowledge. And in that area, what do you think is a good metric for measuring a fresh grad's ability to learn and apply? GPA.
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