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Hmm, I think if the management give u a chance to try out different scope of work, you could have see it in a optimistic way and take the chance to learn as you have mentioned they are moving and cutting existing jobs.

It could be a way of so called retraining you to value add to the company.

From what you describe, it seems that you portrayed a negative image to them

In this bad economy, I believe most of us are not paid extra money to do tasks outside our scope of work. I believe that there some ppl out there doing 2 person job scope for a pay cheque.

The mentality of sticking to a definite job scope only exist in jobs 20 years ago.

No offence to you, the above is just my own opinion.
I am the original poster.

It is not about one person do x number of people job. In fact, I have been doing more than just my own job scope and also helping to cover my other colleagues of they are on MC or on leave.

Yes, I did try to view it as a positive growth kind of thing but prior to that, no proper handover or closed door discussion for handover. The handover thing was communicated via emails. No face to face handover procedure. This unprofessional way of managing has kind of ticked me off already but I still tried my best to carry out using my limited knowledge.

My negative impression given to them was that I do not want to obey the management instruction.

Prior to that, before the qualified hr manager was being made redundant, I was given positive review by the management.

I did not regret leaving that damn company.

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