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Not a teacher and am curious here. Are students actually obligated to turn up for "mandatory school events" outside of official school hours?

Are we looking at CCAs held over the weekends?
It depends. If itís a uniform group camp and for the purpose of getting some badges, then really bo Bian. If your child skip or miss then may affect his promotion during the CCA etc. Cos all these lead to CCA points.

Sometimes competitions are on Sat and Sundays too. Not too much the school can control but usually maximum 4 days (meaning sat sun, sat sun), then should be over.

If for school holiday training, if you donít let your kid turn up, the school really is LL suck thumb cos itís school holidays and they canít really penalise your child. But usually let the child attend unless you need to take him / her overseas or else also stay and home and do nothing.

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