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Default Religious Influences on Students

Hi all, I need some advice on this. But before that, I wish to just mention that I am not targeting any particular groups in Singapore.

Apparently in the recent years, many of the older students and alumni have recruited many of my current school students to a church. Some teachers actually do know of this because some students have been using it as a reason not to come for Saturday activities or camps. Of course, we usually warn the students that it is not a valid reason.

However, I do have greater concern for the influences their seniors or friends are having on them.

1. Our government allows religious freedom. But at such a young age, do they really know the purpose of religion? Or are they just following their friends simply because it seems popular, trendy and hot?

2. Some teachers already know about this "mass recruitment/influence" it is having on our school's students, but they tend to be hushed up about it. Is it because they are scared of stepping into a "restricted zone" as defined by MOE (just like LGBT issues)?

3. Do the parents of these kids know about where they are going and what they are doing outside? Should the teachers be informing their parents about it?

If it's the parents themselves who wish to bring their kids up religiously, I have no comment about that since it is the parent's choice. But if it is like a "trend" between schoolmates now? Do we exercise control?

By the way, my school is also not a mission school. It is secular/neutral in terms of religion. I am also not an atheist or anti-religious in any way.

I just hope for my students to think and reflect critically and logically, and not be easily influenced by their friends or even use these as excuses or reasons for misbehaviour e.g. skipping school activities.

Hope I can have some constructive advice/suggestions for this
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