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able to share the salary they quoted? and for which community? (HR, Logistics, Cyber etc.) since this is anon forum. hope you dont mind sharing. Just to get a sensing on current new entrants and see where i stand. yet.

i got offered 3.9k, 3-4 years ago. Male with NS. Local Uni with pass degree. and i heard they were low balling since last year. probably budget constrains. current salary is 5k+ without promotion. upper C grader.

Btw, regarding your qn, i got rejected for first interview and they called me to offer another position and got selected for interview after 1-2 weeks. so yes they do keep your profile if favourable.
HR called to give me an estimate of 3.5k and I have applied for HR position. My previous experience was customer related. Passed with merit degree; no NS. But that is not a confirmed figure hoping they can offer more if I passed the first interview. Surely from what you have described, I think I have been low-balled lol. Were you fresh graduate when you joined?

Any idea what HR positions are based in CMPB?

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