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How to determine the tier?

Which tier is Wsg and ssg
This 'tier' thingy is based on the annual amount paid to fresh grad joining the various stat board in a particular year. Usually taking 'first class honors/scholar/fresh grad' starting salary (annual package) as a yardstick; we can know which tier that particular stat board belongs to.

It requires individual to do comparison on the various salary offered in that particular year, and this tier could change as the govt changes their directions in funding the various stat board.

We can also say that this 'tier' thingy is all about classifying how 'rich' that particular stat board is, and how much fund is being allocated to them by their respective ministry, or by the govt; for their annual expenses.

Just to take note that there is a range that the HR has to follow on the amount that can be paid. Some stat board offers closer to the ceiling, and this is simply because they are 'rich', or could be due to 'supply and demand'.

The one that offers closer to the ceiling due to 'supply and demand' could be ranked higher in tier even thou they are not as 'rich'. So it all boils down to how you look at it and from which angle.

Ministry of Finance should be the only organization with ready data on the 'tier' classification as they are in-charge of all the head count and salaries across our govt's operations.


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