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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Just sharing my experience joining st 2 years ago.

I was shocked to see they are still using lotus notes for their email. Thought almost all company uses outlook nowadays.

Some bonuses was planning to be cut, national day bonus etc

The bonus isn't good either if you are not from aerospace or marine.

Very outdated in the ways of doing things in terms of such a big company

I left after 6 months and glad to join another company which pay much higher.

But they are always hiring in terms of huge number of vacancy because of high turnovers so fresh grads who are desperate for a job or looking for experience can apply but just dun expect above average pay without any experience.
I think engineers (fresh grads or experience hires) are expecting a market rate (as per govt's announcement/data in April 2016). NOT above average or high pay.

And I don't think its a good idea to short-change their engineers for so many years given the fact that govt has expanded and increases their spending on engineering related projects (smart nation, defense, etc) in Singapore which are mostly handled by ST.

It would be good that ST put the additional profits earned to good use. Such as paying their engineers the market rate as per govt's data, and this will (confirm plus chop) reduce the turnover rate, for sure.

I want to stress again - NOT above average or high pay! But the market rate! lol.

I see many engineers left ST for stat board, and this could post a serious problem for ST's succession planning in the coming years. Furthermore, I don't think many engineers want to leave ST either, most of them just don't want to be short-change and be labeled as 'rubbish' in the dumping ground by their peers who graduated the same year with the same credential.

Its a lose-lose situation here, all because ST continues to be ignorance or act blur, which ever, I am not sure.

Peace. J.
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