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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Just curious I hear Singaporeans complaining of CECA and import of foreign talents. But why don't Singaporean lawyers go to India for counter import?

Is it because pay there is no good?
CECA didn't exactly throw open the doors for either side. Legal services remain heavily regulated in both Singapore and India and CECA did not really change this. Some Singaporeans may complain about CECA, but please don't generalise this to include all Singaporeans.

As to why Singapore lawyers don't practise in India, this is largely because laws in India do make it very difficult to do so. While Singapore doesn't exactly make it easy for Indian lawyers, there are still avenues for Indian lawyers to practise here (e.g. as Registered Foreign Lawyers). Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Singapore lawyers wanting to practise in India as India's Advocates Act tightly restricts who can practise there. For example, although you don't need to be a Singapore Citizen to be called to the Singapore Bar, India's Advocates Act requires that someone intending to be called to an Indian Bar be a citizen of India.

A 2018 ruling by India's Supreme Court also limits the extent to which foreign firms and lawyers could advise clients in India (see:
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