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I am glad, both of us left the company in less than a year with more than 500 increment in basic. ST is definitely underpay and my hr told me to expect 1.5 mth if your performance is good next year if not just expect 1 mth.
It is good to know that you and your friend left ST for the market rate. Hope you enjoy your new position and company, and that ST could stop short-changing their engineers.

I would love to join them for their job scope and to contribute meaningfully if they can start paying all engineers the market rate(based on govt's data), but such a disappointment even after almost 3.5 years. Nobody dare to fight for the market rate shows that engineers in ST has got no fighting sprit, easily contented, and no wants for the better, how to even bring the company forward with their engineering solutions to their customers?

Something interesting to share, assuming they have 23,000 employees, 8000 are engineers, you take 40k multiply by 8000 gives S$320,000,000 saving each year. This value could be higher because 40k is based on the differences between fresh grad/entry level engineers in govt stat board and ST (for 2nd class upper), and not on the 20% boost across all grades for engineers, which is non-linear.

Total minimum amount short-changed over 3.5 years, S$1,120,000,000. $_$ CEO's bonus? lol

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