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Dear All, I have a question I find difficult to ask HR about. Let's say I have only a few years experience but joined a stat board with an entry level position, I am close to the upper range of my grade, does it mean that I will be stuck in the upper range if I do not get promoted next year? How does promotion works? Do I have to work 3 years or would I be handled properly to get to the next bracket?
It depends. I have seen people (with relevant experience) who joined in July at entry level and got promoted next April.

Essentially, to be eligible for a promotion, you need at least 2xBs and 1xC grades within three rolling years. Many other factors to consider such as your CEP, which your sup will likely decide during your next round of appraisal after you've worked for about a year. It also depends on how many people are in the line for promotion in the same year and whether you stood out amongst them too.
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