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The question out there in everyone's mind is 'is that money so important to you?' Nothing wrong if it is, you just shut up and put up until the payoff comes - let him burn after you say bye bye. If principle matters more, then leave; all the better for you cos the sucker don't know what he's missing. I'm sorry it has to end this way for you but there is absolutely no need to feel sorry for the guys that are clueless about the situation. Remember always, 'it's not personal, it's just business.' You are balancing your need for the payoff vs their need for a compliant minion... Mind you, it doesn't have to end up like this but, hey, you don't get to choose the hand you are dealt so don't worry too much about people who don't matter to you. Just like what this book that was going round says, you can only give so many f***s about things in your life so save it for the things that truly matter. Price it like it is, the payoff or the principle. Make your choice and dun be a wuss about it.

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