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Default Leaving a job of 20 years. Any other options?

I would like to share a recent dilemma at work that has caused me to consider leaving a job that I had enjoy doing for 20years. I’m taking a step back here to recount the situation and hope to seek your views.

Allow me to give a quick background. I’ve been in my current field for almost 20 years, and have always had good bosses who trusted me and gave me opportunities to work on complex projects. I’m 50 this year and draw a gross pay close to $10k. I’m a “farmer” not a scholar, my academic achievements being distinctly mediocre. But I’ve managed to secure favourable performance grades in the past 3 years (A, B+, B) and enjoy a good standing amongst my colleagues.

I’ve been transferred to a new branch this year to be given one of the lead roles (specialist, not leadership) for an exciting cross agency project. The high signature of the project means that my new boss, a high-flyer, is very involved as he reports it directly to the top management level.

My boss’ speed of thought and decisiveness contrasts with my more deliberative and analytical approach to problem solving. For the last 6 months, I found myself being compelled to execute my boss’s ideas and unable to communicate to him what I believe are viable,if not more appropriate, alternatives. Unfortunately, not one of my boss’s ideas was able to take the project forward and we stumble from one roadblock to another because of short-sighted action and chasing of low-hanging fruits. I soon found myself being derided frequently by him for thinking too much, not doing fast enough and supposedly imagining false threats that slow down decision-making and action.

For instance, I was told off for suggesting that we take one month to do a formal industry scan to identify expert partners as my boss believe that we should cut to the chase, target a major player and focus on working out a partnership with them. 6 months later, after courting a couple of major players, we are still without a partner as we were unable to demonstrate to management that our decisions are informed by the due diligence of industry knowledge.

I was unsure how or where I had lost the trust and confidence which earlier bosses had in me. I acknowledge that there is a difficulty and sought the support and advice of my immediate supervisors. I was advised to “just do as he says, and even it does not work, he needs to find out for himself”. This is not principled and I am deeply disappointed to receive this advice.

I have lost confidence in the ability and acument of my new boss and immediate supervisors to execute this project. I am not able to freely exercise my core strengths and fear that the cost of failing to deliver the project will be unfairly imputed to me. I considered requesting a transfer to a new project, but the shadow of this current project lingers and the working environment is status quo. I am due to receive a loyalty bonus of up to 5 mths pay in a year’s time. But unless the situation changes, another 12 months would be a most deflating and contradicting period. Beside the possibility of leaving the job, what do fellow forumers think is good way to handle this situation?

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