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Worked as a DXO for a few months so I thought maybe I can share some insight. The time and process taken to join is extremely long. I took me about 6/7 months from my online application date to my first day of work. And this was considered fast, with all the PT, interviews, site previews, medical etc scheduled in between. PT is generally easy, do not need be a local uni grad to be shortlisted. I had a part time pass degree with about a few years of non relevant work experience and was still hired out of the rest of the candidates. So all you ppl of there from non local Uni, donít be too disheartened.

But sad to say, I left the organization last year after a few months due to the toxic work culture. Too many incompetent people in the office, some donít even know how to use basic excel. It can be hard to change the culture as some of them have been here for 10-20 years and Iím not sure how they manage to survive for so long. But there are also good and hardworking people around. Guess it just depends on where you are posted to/what position you are shortlisted for an interview after the PT. The position you will be interviewed for might not necessarily be the same as the one u applied for.

All the best to all you people applying.
If you dont mind, why will you leave a office of incompetent people, you can stand out quite easily and be promoted faster?

Mind sharing the annual pay structure as well?

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