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Young graduates, you need to ask yourself who you voted for in last GE.

I been working in MNCs all my life, and i see the rampant hiring of FTs just made me sick. Most of the jobs they hold any singaporeans can do.

Dont say i didnt warn you, you may not care about politics, but politics has its way of finding you.
Yea but all of us young graduates this year were not even old enough to vote last GE.
Should have caused a scene and make govt lower voting rights to 18 yrs old...

Meaning we got screwed over by those who could vote :/

Anywho.. cant even cry over spilk milk. The younger generations already struggling to even find perm entry level. And govt now promoting kids to go either ite or poly (look at thier facilities and news coverage). See how fast they change their views and policies with one blink.

Next maybe CPF, increase to 25% deduction and can only take out when 75 lol. We be working till death here.

Any govt official who sees this, pls help your own people and encourage people to take lower skilled jobs but with conpensating benefits. Look at japan etc, their construction workers are their own people and they lead maybe a few foreigners as support. NOT the other way around like in SG, sheesh all foreigners here are taking all low, mid and high jobs

Anyone agrees with me?
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