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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
a lot of factors to take into consideration:

1) did u take up the diploma on your own?
2) or were u sent by your ministry to take this diploma for further upgrading?

if 2), u can throw hints/be direct to your RO/boss and let him know that u have alr graduated n seek for promotion/higher pay.
NOTE N DISCLAIMER: not all M and SBs practice this. in fact, some of them even warn u beforehand on the bonded letter that nothing will happen to u even after graduation.

if your case is 1), im afraid that your organisation will only consider certs that are relevant to your industry. i know bcos i have seen ex-colleagues leaving after completing their degree n not getting rewarded at all.
Thank you for this info. Appreciate. Really helpful.

Ya i took the diploma on my own and ya it's a recognised cert (from local poly) relevant to my industry. I wrote it to HR to enquire. Just trying my luck since I need to update them on my updated qualification. Currently waiting for their reply and just crossing my fingers. Wish me luck!
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