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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If you work in a SME, chances are that civil service will be much better than it.
If you work in a MNC/listed company, chances are that civil service will be much lousier than it in terms of potential for progress.

The civil service is progressively also getting more stringent on offering that iron rice bowl and increasingly more willing to let go of underperforming staff. That said, it still has the strongest stability for any employer once you get confirmed.

The worst thing about civil service for non scholars is that it has a deeply entrenched practice of rewarding people for their past achievements rather than their current contributions. E.g. if you hadve a first class honour degree, or if you are a govt scholar, you will get amplified credit for promotion even if there is someone who has objectively contributed more than you but who isnt a scholar. That can be extremely frustrating for talent who simply did not excel in school/ were exam smart.

Over time you will see that the scholars will remain, non-scholar talent will leave, and those who just wish to lie low and work hard for the next pay cheque will remain. This is the typical long term picture.

So you can decide based on your academic profile and character whether the civil service is good for you.
This is indeed the situation in my stat board. Regret joining from private sector. No scholar no go.

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