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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
some reasons: (I am speaking as a computing grad)

1. Not everyone wants to join government, slow but stable progression & skills you learned are generally less useful. People I know only joined because of their scholarship bonds.
2. 5k isn't considered high for a computing grad (above average yes, high no)
3. They don't have the reputation of being engineering savvy
4. Interview hiring bar is lower (they only care about your grades)

FYI, I am not saying it is a bad place. But definitely not difficult to get into.
I agree with most of the points this poster said. (2) 5k is only considered above average for computing - most reputable companies already offering 5.5k. (4) Hiring for fresh grads really does depends on degree classification. If you have FCH, you are likely to get in. If you are only 2.1, you need to have research experience via previous internships / FYP / aspirations to pursue PhD in the future. This is due to the research-heavy nature of DSO.

As for point (1): If you are in computing, chances are the skills are transferable. Not sure about other departments. For (3): if an r&d organization is not 'engineering savvy', I'm not sure what is. Perhaps a bit of context might be useful.
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