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If anybody wants to consider working in Urban Define, please donít ever put it into your thoughts. The boss is very stingy and pay you like peanut. She will never ever appreciate your hard work and will accuse you on the things you canít even control at all. Her overtime was was never really an overtime pay as itís included in your actual salary. If you overstayed for her, she will not pay you a single penny for the extra time you stayed. If anything is stolen, staff have to pay full price when she promised to pay half of it. She is just as greedy she is when she made the promise.

I helped her to cover up for one her ex-staff before several times and she never paid me for that at all. She simply just said to me that this considered the day I didnít turn up for work because of I wasnít well. She never bother to even give medical benefits to her staff. I fell sick because of her and to show my sincerity. She is making me work for free. I accepted this because I really wanted to keep the job. I was wrong after she showed me lack of appreciation. My work attitude changed because of this. I couldnít be bothered to put in my hundred percent anymore. All she cares about is her sales which she never properly address to any of her staff and on what they should expect.

She only mentioned about me losing her business just because I couldnít get any customers for her. Itís not my fault that I couldnít get customers to spend their money. They have their own freedom on what they want to spend. At times itís very quiet to the point of not even a ghost wanted to patronise the shop. How is this my fault? When she set the new stocktaking policy, I was like okay since itís very quiet. I only close early one day to do three days stocktake for her because it was that quiet. Again, she said Iím making her to lose sales because of my action. She said she has been controlling her temper on me just that I didnít appreciate my job... In the matter of fact, she never only talked about other staff and never once about me. She fired me because of the things I canít control and her faults.

With that, I urge people not to work here. The boss name is Cecilia and she only cares about money and never about her staff. She pays badly and never give appreciation to her staff. She can prevent it by briefing the staff on what to do so that the staff will know. She only cares about money back then. I already wanted to quit because of her constantly abuse. She fired me because of her faults. Just steal everything from her and make her staff pay for it at Marina Square outlet. Then her staff will have to pay full price. Once they have enough, they will quit and her business will suffer. I urge people to do so for me because sheís an evil boss.
Tough job!
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