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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
That's the number we are seeing. For pqe 2. About 7k + 1 month bonus

At a fairly large local company that i was working at our GC keep telling us they were paying us the best that they can do and it was market rate. People kept leaving and no new hires were made. Temporary doubling up to help ended up to be permanent as the work was still being done. Requests for promotion and increment were met with "actually you are not doing much".

The team left and on average were able to secure 20-30% more. The jump was worth at least 10 years of the 2 to 3% annual increment we got.

Never work for bosses who have no understanding of what you do on a daily basis and are not appreciative of the work you put in. Never stay in a toxic culture that encourages bashing and underpaying young lawyers.
I refer to your last paragraph of not staying in a toxic culture. But what if one seriously needs the job and at 2pqe have been unable to find another role despite going for a number of interviews?
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