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(the guy who posted the 8.5 pay)

as mentioned previously, most ppl are not on this kind of pay scheme in a big 4.. thats largest because of the project finance dynamics. I reckon such pay structures tend to gravitate towards roles where the teams are extremely lean in the big 4. For instance, actuarial science, tech consulting etc.

my team is really lean.. e.g. there are only less than 10 of us in my team.. so like i said in my earlier post. i heard of my peer drawing 9k and has only 3 years of experience. But i personally can't verify this. Only for my own pay - Yes, i'm drawing 8.5k/mth.

As mentioned above, if you think about it from a our projects sell anywhere from 30k - 200k and generally they last for a month or maybe a little more or under. ...I generally have 4- 7 on-going projects at any one time. Why isn't it possible to pay me 8.5k as a team member supporting my manager(who probably draws a salary of 15k a month?)? The staff cost is probably the largest overhead for the partner. If the partner isn't able to compensate industry stanard pay... then which consultant will want to join the big 4?

From a project finance perspective, the overheads for an audit engagement are way signfincantly higher relative to our consulting projects. That said, it won't make economic sense to pay seniors in audit anywhere close to our salary. You can have like multiple associates and seniors on an audit engagement. We don't run engagements like that.. generally we only have 2 ppl supporting on any one project and the partners does the BD work (we support like pitching and putting together the slide deck and stuff)... but u get the idea... our recoverability is way higher than audit for sure.
How are your working hours like?
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