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Originally Posted by flawless94 View Post
I'm on my final semester of university and has been starting to think about my first job. I'm actually interested to be a IT project manager in the future but was wondering whether there's any company that allows me to "fast-track" or nurture me into one with a clear career path set up. Will a consulting/vendor company such as NCS or CrimsonLogic be a good choice to achieve what I want? I'm open to hear any suggestion with regards to the possible route I can take to become one.

FYI: I'm mainly doing software engineer now during all my internships due to my course, however I'm open to do more non-technical roles like business analyst.

Sounds like you are weak technically.
if you have robust coding abilities, actually i dont encourage ncs, crimson logic for first job.

Very mediocre. I work with them. The project managers some times dont know what they are doing.

However, if your technical skills are weak. Actually it is a right fit.

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