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Actually the actual job that i want is still within the cybersecurity department. It's not like a huge transfer whereby i'll have to learn everything ground up again and i believe some of the skills i learnt here can be bring forward to the other area that i want.
What i am thinking now is, since i don't have any experience in cyber security field, i should start picking up some skills here first? and since i have any skillset now i don't think i should be picky though

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why need to wait? want transfer just ask now la. once you clocked 2-3 years and ask for transfer, you will start off as fresh grad equivalent in new department because of lack of relevant skills. somemore the company will just reject easily as you already have 2-3 years worth of skills and experience in your current role-so why bother transferring and lose 2-3 years worth of exp? you want meh?

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