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i'm the guy that posted this comment. I agree that in most other line of service like tax and audit .. the associates get some where between 3k to 3.5k (depending on whether they are first year or 2nd year) and probably 4.1-4.4k as a senior associate.

however, as someone else who has rightfully pointed out... don't be close minded. the consulting business runs separately from the other lines.. if you notice... each consulting practice is run differently as we are all separate legal entities in the Deloitte umbrella. Thus, we are governed and runned differently and we do not follow the same compensation structure as tax or audit. Infact, you may also notice slight discrepancies in salary and bonus payouts for each level between tax and audit.. don't believe, go ask around.. so if the pay structure for these lines are already differing.. what more about the consulting line especially when our margins are much higher and we have a lower headcount.

That said... you should not be surprised that there are others in my line getting more than me as a senior.. i heard of someone else drawing 9k as a consultant.
I'm not surprised. i'm from another big 4 and it only makes sense to pay at industry standards. I noticed that our tech consulting team has been poaching people from accenture and other boutique consulting firms. I know for a fact that accenture management consultants at the senior equivalent level (i.e. 2-3 years of work experience) draws somewhere beween 6-7k in accenture, so if people from accenture are jumping over to the big 4s, I'm assuming they are getting a higher compensation and if there were remunerated at about 8.5k, that would be a 20% increment which seems fairly reasonable.

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