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Default 6k/month but....

9 years experience in non-finance field.
With 13 months pay and bonus, all-in around 85ksgd/ annum.

Secondary source of income of around 5ksgd/month(60k/annum) from real estate overseas.

Tertiary investments in growth stocks (40 percent - 800k usd current value) and real estate(1.2 mil usd - mini commercial store/residential single unit hybrid) for a total of about 2 mil usd. Currently using rental income to pay off mortgages ... 25 years left.

My original background is in IB ( North America) and I’ve made 120k usd in my first year working for a bulge bracket in 2009. I’ve worked up to senior associate (5-6 years) and by 2015, my annual pay was 130k usd base / 100k usd bonus ( total ~ 230k usd).

I quit at the end of 2015 to start my own business, which barely broke even due to poor management and collabaratiom between partners ( my fault too...) and by 2017, I joined a company in Singapore, which allowed me to work flexible hours so that I could pursue other initiatives in SEA.

Why did I quit IB you say? I worked like a dog ( up to 120 hours / week sometimes) and also, the work itself consisted of making tons of ppts, crunching numbers in an already built in financial model... being on standby for directors or mds to send small revisions at random hours of the night... it’s not something that I could see myself do Long term.

Luckily, I did not live a “models and bottles” kind of life style like some of my colleagues... so I was able to save and invest a big chunk of my earnings. I did get lucky with a few early stage investments such as Netflix, which paid off big.

I am telling my story because there are many ways to make money and/or be happy ... take a broader view and look beyond the salary you can get. There are better ways to invest your money if you take the time after work, or weekends to find deals or to network/ meet people with similar mind sets to invest and grow your net worth.

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