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Originally Posted by eren_jaeger View Post
Hello, I recently heard from a recruiter from an agency (He was trying to push an offer to me) that there are software developers out there who are earning way above market salary and he told me is not uncommon.
For example, he said there is a developer who had no programming degree/background and commands a salary of $6.5k per month after 2 years into the industry. There is another developer who had 4 years experience and is now drawing close to $10k per month. Is this normal? How did these people manage to convince the company to pay them that much?
2 years into the industry and you can absolutely go for 7/8k a month jobs on software.

Lets say grab 5.5k starting, 1 year in with a raise to 6.2k, and another year in you can jump to another company with 20% increase to your 7.5k

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