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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My point was that if you have to pick between a M7 MBA and MFin, MFin would be a more viable option for OP given his age and professional background, due to reasons which i have emphasized in my original post.

The key to breaking in will be to network and demonstrate serious interest by developing relevant skills and taking relevant certifications (ie CFA). A local MFin is a simply another value-add to the part of displaying interest. The main advantage of a local program is that it allows for geographical flexibility, easier for physical meet-ups or interviews, which would greatly facilitate the networking process.

It is almost impossible to break into larger or midsize funds/banks/IM companies for OP at this point, M7 MBA or MFin regardless. Best bet would be boutique shops in which an M7 MBA/overseas MFin does not really hold any significant advantage over a local MFin and might even count against a candidate.
I think the mistake you are making here is ignoring the option of just not doing either. Whereas an m7 mba or elite mfin undoubtedly has tremendous value but still may not justify the cost/opportunity cost, a local mfin has almost none in the context of getting into these roles.
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