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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Local MFin? lol, terrible advice
My point was that if you have to pick between a M7 MBA and MFin, MFin would be a more viable option for OP given his age and professional background, due to reasons which i have emphasized in my original post.

The key to breaking in will be to network and demonstrate serious interest by developing relevant skills and taking relevant certifications (ie CFA). A local MFin is a simply another value-add to the part of displaying interest. The main advantage of a local program is that it allows for geographical flexibility, easier for physical meet-ups or interviews, which would greatly facilitate the networking process.

It is almost impossible to break into larger or midsize funds/banks/IM companies for OP at this point, M7 MBA or MFin regardless. Best bet would be boutique shops in which an M7 MBA/overseas MFin does not really hold any significant advantage over a local MFin and might even count against a candidate.
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