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personally, i'm interested in equity research or sale and trading, but given my big 4 tax advisory background, how do i go about changing field?
For Sales and Trading, it is almost impossible to break into the field as an experienced hire without a strong quantitative degree (Math, Engineering, CS etc) or relevant experience. I assume you have an Accountancy degree?

For Equity Research, it is very possible since they are not really particular about any specific background. However, a background in tax would be less competitive/attractive as compared to Corporate Finance or even Audit since it is less finance-related compared to these fields. Since you are already in the Big 4, the ideal path would be to first lateral into the Transaction Advisory/Valuation team. The scope of work and skill set required by these teams would be more aligned to that of ER, in that they are more finance-related (Involves Financial Statement Analysis, Modelling etc).

If not, you can try looking at boutique corporate finance advisory firms by performing searches on Google or Linkedin. There would usually be a company e-mail or phone number listed on their website which you can try using to contact and introduce yourself. These firms are usually less stringent compared to other more established shops with regards to relevant experience.

Either way, you have to demonstrate interest in investing in general. These can mean reading investment-related books (think Securities Analysis or Intelligent Investor), keeping up with financial news (CNBC, WSJ, FT). Most importantly, you need to learn how to make and justify an investment recommendation. I would recommend, which really gives you a good exposure to how an investment recommendation is crafted. If you have not already done so, you should start working towards the CFA charter since they are highly-respected in the ER field and will certainly be a huge boost in your candidacy.

Lastly, networking is key so try reaching out to as many professionals on Linkedin, websites etc.

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