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Hi all, I'm at my wits' end. I've been put on no-pay leave because a female student has accused me of touching her breasts - which is totally false. It is now a police case. My lawyer says that I've a good chance of not being convicted, and I intend to plead innocent, because the student has several loopholes in her accusation. (I think she accused me because I was very strict towards her and clique; they are Sec 4 NT, very rebellious).

If I'm cleared of my name, should I remain in the school or apply for open posting? And if I apply for open posting, will this accusation follow me, even though I'm innocent? Or should I just quit?

Thanks for your advice!

Dear teacher,

It must really be troubling for you. My advice, do not overthink.. let it go through the course and then you see what happens... as long as your conscience is clear, they will not have any evidence against you... it is just your words against the students..

But I will advice you to apply for open posting..(a bit too late now).. perhaps.. just call MOE hotline and let them know of your predicament and see if they can help you get posted maybe to an all boys school..until this thing blows over... If you really need help.. do look come here..or give a link to contact you (eg. Line ID ).. like i said... do not overthink.. it tough.. but my experience has always showed.. time will ease all our troubles..
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