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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi, so i'm finally going for my interview for SH in November.

This is quite nerve wrecking for me. Any kind soul who has had the experience can guide me on some of possible questions asked at the interview.

Also, about the Personal statement -

any examples or what it should encompass.

My RO is like taking forever to show me the form or even guide me.

I would like to have a head start.

Thank you!
Congratulations! You can find the relevant forms on HR online. I just went for my cluster interview this month. As long as you show that you have the knowledge, you are passionate, humble to learn and able to lead, you should be able to clear the interview. Some questions that I was asked:
- Why leadership role? They also gave me scenarios and asked me how would I resolve it.
- What is my take on the subject area that I am leading?
- How would I lead my department to be on board on the same vision as me?
- What is my vision/short term and long term goals for my department and how do I plan to achieve it.

In all your answers, you will inevitably bring in your experiences and how you are able to tap on your experiences to bring across your vision.

Good luck!
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