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Hi, I'm a teacher right from the start. I've seen colleagues who switched mid-career. It depends on what the individual wants.

I've seen those who quit and those who stayed. Among the stayers, some become really strong teachers - the kind colleagues love to send their children to. On the other hand... Some become really shitty teachers who continue to stay in service.

Information about teachers' work and life are publicly available through news reports and less reliably, forums like this. Can Google a bit.

The way you phrased your question - is life indeed better - where did you get the information that life is better? From the private sector?
Hey, thanks for answering, was the OP

Yes true, some teacher friends/friends of friends shared problems similar to the news reports on tough parents

While some also shared they appreciate the Long hols (though yes they have to return to school from time to time during the hols, and travelling overseas during the hols is also more expensive)

So all in all, wanted a more into the field kinda perspective

Thanks for sharing

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