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No much details were shared for your last 2 jobs, but I do believe it takes 2 hands to clap. Mid 30s with 3 huge unemployment gaps is unheard of in my social circles.
I'm the original poster. I am in a niche market with high turnover rate which i won't disclose. I don't know what you meant by 3 huge employment gaps is unheard of but i take it you meant it negatively which i beg to differ.

In the perfect world we leave because of positive reasons like better offer etc and start a new job with a brief week's break to tie up loose ends. However in the real world we leave a job mostly due to ****ed up colleagues / toxic environment etc which we doesn't have much time to look for a new job to jump.

I personally don't consider 4 or 7 months a big gap. Ask around, usually it takes average 6 months to land a job. I ever landed jobs within 2 months and even the recruiter was surprised and told me - that average it takes 6 months. I known people who find good jobs after 1 whole year of nothing.

However much we like to pinpoint what is good and what is bad traits in job hunting - i'm afraid there is none. A company wants you due to their own reason, not because of your reason.

For example the recent interview i turned down, was by a big government related organisation - when other small organisations didn't even call me up for interview. Does this meant a big government organisation don't mind my gap while the small organisation does?

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Been doing what you have been saying, but somehow just feel very discouraged after being jobless for 2 months. Wonder how did you push yourself through this mentally tough time?
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May I know how old you are? Am in a similar situation now, been jobless for 2 months and feeling helpless despite doing all the above. How did you cope mentally back then?
I'm the original poster and i'm in mid 30s. Like i said, exercise, don't regress and keep your life as per your old self. This is provided you have savings to rely on. Otherwise if financial is already become tight, you might want to find a temp job to tide through.

Stay strong guys. And i'm not entertaining jokers relating sexual advantages for us who are already going through a tough patch finding a job.
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