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Originally Posted by ilovemoney View Post
Hi guys,

NUS FASS male fresh grad with FCH and NS here. I also have several academic awards(top student for the A Levels, top student in my major blablabla) and internship experience.

What are the ministries/stat boards that generally pay the highest? Based on what I've read, it seems to be MFA and EDB. I honestly don't know what I want to do with my life and I have no interest in any particular job, so I thought I'd just try for the highest-paying government jobs. Any suggestions?

Also, would $4k be too much to ask?
Edb big bonus but starting for associates was 3.8x for fresh grad 2.1 and so first may be higher. Highest is uniformed sign on, almost 5 - 5.5 for ur qualification. Haha. Yes otherwise is mfa, shud be ard 4.5-5 for FCH.

My friend fch ns lta offered 4 in policy roles, and free 120 for mrt each mth lol
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