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I guess depends on the length of the contract. If less than a year, i will take the perm job. And I'm not sure what you mean by mid career. Personally i feel if you are 30 yrs old +/-, then contact job is ok so that your next pay can be based on that. Higher salary the next round. If you are close to 40 yrs old, then perm job. Job stability is definitely more important.
Thanks for yr reply.
the contract is 1 year and given the scope of project, it might be extended.
The downside of the perm role is just that the pay is 30% lower compared to contract, which also means I am taking a significant paycut from my previous job. Even if I switch job next time, it will be hard to get back the old pay since the difference is big.
The contract pay is closer to my old pay.
I am close to 40. So itís a consideration between pay vs stability.
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